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Local Parents Counting the Seconds Until Holidays End

Worchester, MA – The Henderson parents have had it. “I never thought I’d say it, but it was easier when they were all in high school,” Richard, 49 year-old father and certified accountant, said. His wife Tabatha agreed, and admitted…

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78% of Radio Shack 1993 Catalog Is on Your Phone, but Better

I recently got to reminiscing of days gone by. When I was young, carefree, and studied the Radio Shack catalog even more religiously than religion, and I was religious. When I realized, all those gizmos and gadgets I so desperately…

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Meek Taking Early Inheritance of Earth and Evicting All Sinners

MUSKEGON, MI – The Meek, who are mentioned a couple of times in the Bible as the heirs to Earth*, have finally had enough of their un-meek counterparts, i.e. the Sinners, and are close to having God grant their request…

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Astronauts Bitch About Having to Work on Christmas Eve

Astronauts having to install a coolant pump outside NASA’s International Space Station on Christmas Eve had a few choice words about their employers. “I thought once you had a government job you never had to work on holidays again. Bull%&$#!!!”…

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