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Lawyer Files Class Action Suit Against State Farm Insurance for False Advertising

New York Attorney Tony Girbaldi has filed a class action suite against State Farm Insurance for claiming that reciting their company jingle would bring an instant representative followed by mystic gain and benefits. State Farm customer Sheila Potekin said her…

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Pelosi Uses Assault Weapon, Averts Federal Shutdown

Days after an assault weapons ban was removed from a gun violence bill in the Senate earlier this week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, entered house chambers on Thursday, legally equipped with a SIG SG 550 assault rifle. Pelosi…

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Oil Down on No News

With a lack of signals coming from analysts and virtually no news that could have an impact on crude prices, oil has again suffered moderate setbacks today. Confounding investors who lack any fundamentals to trade on, Wall Street again witnessed…

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Highlighter Pens for Maximum Havoc (comic)

Is it illegal to deface bills? What if you only deface them invisibly? I have a new hobby, and that is defacing large bills invisibly to humiliate future users of the bills. They might be embarrassed, they might get a…

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