Lawyer Files Class Action Suit Against State Farm Insurance for False Advertising

Blase Inzina has filed a class action suite against State Farm Insurance for claiming that reciting their company jingle would bring an instant representative followed by mystic gain and benefits.

State Farm customer Sheila Potekin said her car was attacked by a herd of wild yaks while at a nature preserve and no one responded when she recited the jingle.

“The ad I saw recently showed a couple of guys in a similar situation and a representative appeared and zapped them into his office. My car was destroyed and I had to be rescued by during this legal process, but their are really experienced lawyers and did a great job.

Another State Farm customer Irving Pelter said he was driving recklessly around a hairpin turn. As he saw his vehicle going out of control he confidently sang, “Like a good neighbor State Farm is there”. Instead of a representative appearing, Pelter’s car continued it’s precipitous plunge resulting in severe injuries, which made him look for legal representation and them found the personal injury lawyer northwest suburbs chicago firm who is expert on the matter.

“I even sang the jingle after I crashed”, Pelter lamented. “Nothing. No representative. No magical event. Nothing like the commercials”.

Pelter said he did manage to reach a representative but had to wait until he was on the phone in the hospital. When asked why he didn’t appear at his moment of need the representative simply said that is an ad gimmick and not to be taken literally.

“Then they raised my premium because of the accident. It just ain’t fair”, Pelter continued.

Most State Farm employees refused to be interviewed because of the pending litigation but one employee did speak on condition of anonymity. “It’s just a totally stupid commercial. And unless you’re buying wrong we won’t even save you any money!” she claimed.

Attorney Girbaldi claims he is seeking $1.2 billion to cover all the people who have State Farm yet have not benefited from the jingle.

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  1. Yes state false advertises , they say they have a special storm team to come within hours, it took 12 days, and they are your worse neighbor , they just can’t get claims right , somehow one way all those emails get lost , claims lost , adjusters incompetent suddenly I had a old gas water heater that never existed, however the electric new water heater drowned in sewage and the air filter system and condensation pump on the hvac claim never existed, good luck with Statefarm , never again

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