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Vice-President Biden Begins Doping for Debate

Last week the big news for the 2012 presidential election was the worse-than-expected performance of President Obama in his match-up with former Governor, and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Although Obama was able to firmly demonstrate that he did have…

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Romney “Apologizes” to Obama After Debate Debacle

WASHINGTON DC- Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney sort of apologized to the president this week after the crushing debate performance he delivered, though it remains unclear as to whether Governor Romney actually knows what an apology is. Although the political arena…

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London Forgets Sports

A recent survey has shown that the people of London have forgotten what sport is, now that the Olympics are over. In a poll, conducted by the British Sports Council, participants were asked simple questions such as “What is basket…

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The Rumble: Stewart vs. O’Reilly… Stewart Won

This wasn’t the most anticipated pay-per-view event of the year, but it was big enough to crash the livestream servers. Sure it was only $5 a pop, but half the money went to charity, and at the end of the…

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