London Forgets Sports

A recent survey has shown that the people of London have forgotten what sport is, now that the Olympics are over.

In a poll, conducted by the British Sports Council, participants were asked simple questions such as “What is basket ball?” or shown a ball and asked what it was.

29% of people thought that a football ball was a new Japanese melon, while 35% believed it was a special seat to relive stress on your back while working in an office.

Of the 1678 people who took part 79% could not tell researches what the word sport meant. 398 people said that tennis was a brand of tents and outdoor clothing.

The participants were also shown footage of some track and field sports from the Olympic games. Although some felt as though they had seen the images before most considered the film to be scientific footage of test subjects.

“The conclusion to our research suggests that the people of London are no longer interested in sport and many have completely forgotten its existence” Dr Henry Oswald said, “It would be fair to say that the ‘legacy of the games’, that the UK government had hoped for, is lost on the fat and lazy people of Britain”.

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2 thoughts on “London Forgets Sports

  1. Nope, no financial return at all, just politicians basking in the olympiads golden glory and using it to boost their campaigns.

  2. But I suspect London hasn’t yet forgotten how much money they invested in it. I wonder if they’ll see any financial return from it. They got the prestige, they delivered a flawless games, but will it actually pay off? It’s not like London actually has room to grow. I mean some run-down industrial districts, sure, but not much.

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