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Cookie Monster “Loses Cookies” at Local Grocery

NEW YORK–Sesame Street star Cookie Monster was admitted to an unnamed psychiatric center following a cookie incident at Hooper’s Store. The beloved character filled twenty shopping carts with cookies before being approached by store personnel. Onlookers described the puppet as…

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‘I’ve Worked Long and Hard to get Where I am Today’, Lies Attractive Business Woman

INDIANAPOLIS – Stunning local business woman Elizabeth Snowden today insisted that her successful career and blossoming lifestyle were the result of hard work and dogged persistence: a lie she has maintained now for over four years. Snowden, who is current…

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Nine Foods to Eat to Prevent a Hangover

You know how it is when you’ve had too much to drink. You want anything you can find to counteract the poison, so you do anything you can to feel better. Or do you? But there are actual things you…

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The ‘Lee Harvey Oswald Band’ Plays To Sell-Out Crowds In Dallas Nightspot

Dallas, Texas – ( Rockers Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby have a few kind words for their fans…’We love you guys!’ Ever since the rock band ‘The Lee Harvey Oswald Band’ was formed success seems to have followed them…

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