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Nine Foods to Eat to Prevent a Hangover

Nine Foods to Eat to Prevent a Hangover

You know how it is when you’ve had too much to drink. You want anything you can find to counteract the poison, so you do anything you can to feel better. Or do you?

But there are actual things you can eat to stop the drunkage from getting too serious…

So just eat some of these myriad things to stop your drunkness from becoming hungover:

  1. Runny Eggs. Sunny side up at the best, but poached raw is better.
  2. Raw beef or lamb. High in protein, and also vomit probability, but good for the constitution.
  3. Rodents. They are fortified with iron and hemoglobin and as likely to prevent a hangover as any herbal supplement.
  4. Vodka. Otherwise you better get sober in a hurry, because that interview is at 9:00am sharp and you’re not looking so good.
  5. Broccoli. Let’s face it, there’s not much chance of eating it sober.
  6. Your homework. You get more sympathy saying you ate it than that you didn’t do it because you were drunk, and nobody is going to believe your dog ate it.
  7. Balls. Let’s face it, they’re super popular on Fear Factor, so why not in real life?
  8. Liver. Yes, it’s disgusting, and it will make you retch when you even try to cook it, but I promise it’s good for a hangover.
  9. Warm Limburger cheese. If you’ve never had it, go buy some now. Warm it up and suck it down. Also might want to rub some behind your ears so you don’t smell like a brewery later. I guarantee you will not smell like anything but Limburger cheese if you do.

This article also had contribution from Barb Weir.


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  1. Mike Kelly says:

    I don’t understand what “too much to drink” means. Is that possible? I really just thought it meant to move to the next bar when the bar tender said it to me.


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