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Chick-Fil-A Changes Name to Cock-Fil-A

In an effort to appease right wing males, Chick-Fil-A has announced plans to drop the sexist word “chick” from its name to the more gender specific word “cock.” Company spokesman Hugh Jappendage clarified, saying, “We don’t want to offend anybody…

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Top 16 Olympic Games We Wish We Could See

With the 2012 Olympics well under way, we can only dream of the myriad sports that have been excluded. I’m not talking about Yoga or Calvinball, but some of the other unseen greats. Here are just a few of our…

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Tea is Gateway Drug to Coffee

New research has found that Tea, a drug which contains caffeine and can also effect the cannabiniod receptors and is popular with both the English and Chinese, can lead to harder drugs like Filter Coffee, Lattes and Espressos. Research carried out by the charity…

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The Economy Has Improved, Stupid

Reading through the comments on Fark Monday, I encountered the most fascinating post by a user named Hugram. It dispels from every aspect the myth that the economy is worse under Obama. The truth is Bush made a mess and…

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