Tea is Gateway Drug to Coffee

New research has found that Tea, a drug which contains caffeine and can also effect the cannabiniod receptors and is popular with both the English and Chinese, can lead to harder drugs like Filter Coffee, Lattes and Espressos.

Research carried out by the charity Teaholics Anonymous (TA) questioned more than 4000 users or recovering addicts from 4 separate countries.

Over 3600 of the people questioned said that they had tried coffee at least once and 2467 said that they had drank or do drink coffee on a regular bases. The TA also found that 40% of those who had at least tried coffee had drank it past 8 o’clock at night.

Shocked by the results Emily Walton, TA press lesion officer, commented; “We at the TA are deeply saddened by the results and are concerned that this may only be the tip of the iceberg”. She went on to say that they will now try to set up a special support unit for coffee addicts “…but our priority remains with tea. It affects so many people and can often lead to crime in order to feed the habit”.

Walton also described the effects of Coffee abuse and addiction detailing how a person can become hyperactive, loud and obnoxious within 10 minutes of taking the drug then dive massively low with headaches and low energy levels “what users often misunderstand is that they think they will be able to handle the effects because they had had Tea, but that is simply not the case. these people often shake violently and thrash around, users call it the Coffee fit. ”

Sarah Evans* from Sussex in England spoke about her experiences. “I first tried Tea when I was 12 at a friends house, the effects were so mild and relaxing, I felt calm and in control. I didn’t try it again until a few months later when a group of us had been up all night on crack and were feeling a little rough so someone suggested we have a little ‘pick-me-up’  and made everyone Tea. The soothing warmth took away a little of the nausea I had and made me calm and talkative.” Sarah continued to use for the rest of her teenage years, hiding it from friends and family.

Sarah said that she could easily consume up to 7 cups of Tea a day “It was getting out of control and I was always thinking about where my next cup was coming from, constantly checking the cupboards to make sure the tea bag were still there”.

Things went from bad to worse when she meet John* and had two children “I stayed at home most days while he worked for a delivery company, I found I got bored, especially when the kids were at school, I just drank and drank and drank.

“I couldn’t sleep properly and this is when my friend Claire told me about Coffee. I thought that it would be OK,” at this point Sarah had been drinking tea for 12 years, “… just once in the morning, just to keep me awake, you know, I just thought it would be ok, I…” The tears became too much for Sarah but thankfully the TA got to her and now she has been clean for 3 years.

The charity, set up by the family of Eric Leeson who died of a tea overdose, has campaigned hard for over 17 years and brought awareness of the extent Tea addiction can ruin families and communities. The TA has helped over 6000 people, and their families, throughout the years to get clean with support helplines and workshops, painting meaningless murals, ridicules choirs filled with middle aged people who can not sing and stalls at jumble sales that sell teaspoons with the words ‘Just Say No’ engraved on them in local communities.

To volunteer or make a donation please visit their site.

*Some names in this article have been changed.

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  1. I have to say the author is probably onto something. We weren’t allowed to drink coffee as kids, but we were allowed to drink tea… and it led to coffee.

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