Robo-Rat: the Future of Service-Free Pets

Worried about getting your youngsters a pet for Christmas – a cuddly kitten or puppy –then face the moral conscience dilemma of having to go and dump it up the arse end of the wilderness a few weeks later – to keep the legion of other evicted pets company – when the kids get tired of playing with it.

No problems anymore – technology has come to the rescue. The UK toy store shelves are chocker full of the latest and greatest in cuddly robotic pet innovations – Go-Go Pets – the “must-have” present for Christmas 2009. Read more Robo-Rat: the Future of Service-Free Pets


Building Overtakes Basketball… Poms Excel

The Women of Notre Dame officially opened their basketball season on the 15th against unranked University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff at the newly renovated Purcell Pavilion of the Joyce Athletic and Convocation Center. The 102 to 57 rout of UAPB was overshadowed by the shortcomings of the new facility, despite the stellar performance of freshman sensation Skyhook Digme, including her dive into the stands to save a ball. Read more Building Overtakes Basketball… Poms Excel


Labour Candidate Calls Queen ‘Vermin in Ermin’

One of PM Gordon Brown’s brain-dead New Labour election candidates may be sacked before he even gets a job following the instance of his calamitous faux pas of publicly declaring the Queen to be a “parasite” and “vermin scum” on a Tory-owned website.

Jacko McScrunt, who is seeking election to Slumgutter Hamlets Borough Council in South London next May, wrote the comments on Tory MP Dinsdale Fuctifino’s Facebook page. Read more Labour Candidate Calls Queen ‘Vermin in Ermin’


The Difference between Beauty and Art from the East to the West

Beauty and Art is a complex subject that’s culturally and existentially relative

A gifted artist between West and East may both extrude life’s beauty to us, but their life’s philosophy determines the style of their expression. A gifted Western artist wants to show us the beauty of this world through an ideal — a platonic space if you will. Western art is imagined to have capability to inspire individuals to pursue perfection: “A million sunsets will not spur on men towards civilization. It requires a perfect art-depiction of that sunset (a Platonic image) to evoke into consciousness the finite perfections which spurs human achievement. In Western Art, both science and art is believed to capture a manageable slice of the infinite richness of nature for us and let us glimpse a moment of perfection. Read more The Difference between Beauty and Art from the East to the West