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Conservatives Disappointed w/ Palin Book: Thought “Going Rogue” Referred to Wearing Underwear

New York, NY: Legions of former Alaska Governor, Sara Palin, supporters reacted with disappointment with her new tell all book, “Going Rogue,” according to national opinion polls. The poll of approximately 5,000 self identified conservatives showed that while 52% “enjoyed…

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Conservative Doll Series Out in Time for Christmas

Whiskey Creek, VA – Small independently-owned doll manufacturer, Patriate Pride, has announced a new line of dolls fashioned after the ideals of two of today’s most controversial conservative figures, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. In fact, the “Michele” doll and…

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Gordon Brown Offers “I’m Not Quite the the Worst Case Scenario”; Is

Now, not only do we have Posh Dave Cameron and his Tory scumsters picking on poor old Gordon Brown – the Stalinist Slime Minister nobody voted for – but he’s getting it in the neck from all and sundry and…

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Shock Jocks “Ant & Dec” to Interview Royal Princes

It was announced by Clarence House this week that as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations for The Prince’s Trust, HRH Prince Charles, and sons Wills and Harry will demean their Royal dignity to a fresh low in being interviewed…

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The Black Experience in America: Whiteness is Beauty, Blackness is Ugly… the voice of a promised land…

Images rarely, if ever reflect reality. All images are a distorted view of reality since they are highly stylized. They are not a slice of life but a constructed version of reality. Many theorists argue that the version of reality…

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