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Elle Magazine’s February Cover to Feature X-Ray of Mindy Kaling’s Skeleton

NEW YORK — Elle Magazine recently unveiled its February cover, which features an X-ray photograph of Mindy Kaling’s skeleton.

According to professional photography critic Gilroy Franscesco, “This cover is so magnificent and tastefully done that words simply cannot describe. That’s why it’s a picture.” Read the full story


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Causality up-ended in the Southern Hemisphere (comic)

Imagine if penguins got around to being hack philosophers, and they did it causal Friday. Casual Friday? Either way, doesn’t matter, they’re just flightless birds, so don’t take them too seriously.

If causality had made you a penguin, would you ponder the existence of existence? Read the full story


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How hard do hipsters Instagram? (comic)

If a tree falls and blah blah blah whatever does it meh who cares? Age old question with no good answers. Let’s face it, all of them are wrong.

But when the same question applies to a hipster, apparently there’s a whole new dimension to it. Mind you, it’s an incredibly shallow dimension, but the principle still applies, technically, I’m told. Read the full story


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“Scientists”: This Year Officially Does Not Exist

In an announcement which may not come as a shock to readers from the United States, Barack Obama has declared that there will be no such year as 2013, which will now instead be referred to as 2014a.

“The issue at hand is our national triskaidekaphobia,” the President explained at an earlier press conference. “Many of our citizens are so scared of the number thirteen that there is no Room Thirteen in the majority of hotels, and buildings of sufficient height very often skip straight from the twelfth floor to the fourteenth. Continue Reading


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Triple Negative Grocer Doesn’t Not Have No Bananas Today

Jerome Heywood, a green grocer working in Poughkeepiee, New York, has two conundra on his hands. First is the quantity of bananas he has available, but second and more importantly, is conveying this number to his befuddled customers.

“It’s not enough that I don’t not have no bananas,” he explained from the produce corner of the local UPick Produce, “but that when I try to tell people about it they think I’m getting all philosophical, which I’m not. It isn’t just not a non-fallacy, it’s a matter of fact.” Read the full story


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True Love, Romance or Just Plain Sex… What’s It All Mean?

Although “falling in love” is probably the most wonderful feeling in the world and the most mysterious state of mind one can find him/herself within, science tells us that “falling in love” is very transient and not the answer to most of a person’s problems. There is no “happily-ever-after” fairy-tales in real life, say the social scientists who study this phenomenon. The (informal) definition of “true love” in Western Societies really only refers to one thing: strong and passionate feeling that consumes both partners in “a strong romantic (or sexual), mutual feeling,” which is scientifically and empirically short-lived. Read the full story


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