Democrats & CNN Denounce Trump’s ‘Hateful Attitude’ to Mass-Murdering Death Plague

The Democratic Party have come out all guns blazing against Trump’s increasingly intolerant, hateful and belligerent rhetoric against…

An evil virus that has already killed over 15 000 people worldwide.

Hillary Clinton

Russia are inciting Trump to say he ‘hates’ the Coronavirus. ‘Hate’ is a very, very strong word indeed. Speaking for myself, I don’t ‘hate’ Coronavirus. I think the Coronavirus is an unfortunate mistake that nobody could have foreseen, not unlike the Iraq War and Benghazi, or the suicide of Epstein… Oh, could you remind me who that guy is again? I’ve never met him. But yes, exactly like Benghazi! And yes, 10 000 people are already dead… But what difference does it make?! All that matters is that we find out what’s happening and make sure it never, never, ever happens again! And to be HONEST… Like I’m not gonna be falsely modest, some would say I’m pretty good at that stuff…

Nancy Pelosi

I for one am deeply disturbed to see yet more aggressive and conspiratorial rhetoric from Trump, calling this virus ‘the Enemy of the People.’ We are America, we are one nation, and we do not have ‘friends of the people’ and ‘enemies of the people.’ Simply, ‘the people.’ Nothing more, nothing less. The Coronavirus is not your enemy, and it is not mine. Remember all living creatures are created in the Image of the God I worship, and are bound for glory in the end, no matter how judged and looked down upon they may be for now. So if Donald Trump continues to talk down to average, ordinary, everyday Americans by denouncing Coronavirus as something that is somehow un-American, like some kind of insidious and hostile force in this Christian nation, then I am afraid he is going to lose what little support and credibility he has left.

Joe Biden

Ya know, we learned a lot! And one of the things we learned… You don’t go around picking on other people! That’s not real strength! You sass Coronavirus one more time Donald, and I’ll kick the shit out of you just like I did Harry Potter and Dumbo the Elephant on that, that, you know the Death Star of Azkabaaaaaan, uh-thingum! Where, they, well, ya knowwwwwwww, but the ring is mighty! SUCK IT!

Chuck Schumer

I wanna tell you, Donald Trump! I wanna tell you, WHO! Stigma and exclusion has no place in the America of today! You have unleashed the whirlwind, and we’re gonna make damn sure you and your ilk have no place in this entire planet!

Chris Cuomo

So, Donald Trump says the Coronavirus is ‘a war.’ Does that sound like fighting talk? It sure does to me. What’s Donald missing here? (Cue faux-philosophical chin stroke. Widen the eyes, Katy Perry style… Oh wait is my mic still on?!) Maybe Donald’s missing the fact that talk of war and division just breeds more war and division. And so basically, as far as my quite considerable intellect can make it, well that’s… Anyhoo, is it break yet? WUHOO! Starbucks time!

Andrew Cuomo

Let’s face it… Antivirals were NEVER great. Trump needs to stop his plutocratic, Reaganesque war on our constitutional freedoms and the right to life of EVERY living creature!

Maxine Waters

If-you-see-any-one-spread-ing-hate-and-intoleraaaaaaaance against Coronavirus! Take them out! Take them ouuuuuuuuut! Don’t ever give them a chance to breaaaaaaathe! I for one am sick of this intolerant and hateful Presidennnnnnt… No genocide in Americaaaaaaaaaa!

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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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