Canada to Re-Introduce Death Penalty for ‘Serial Hate Speech Offenders’

Pale male metropolitan elitist Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party is pushing the agenda of ‘Strength Through Diversity’ even further, by reclassifying hate speech as a form of domestic terrorism.

Terrorism is a reality in today’s world. But in my opinion, there is no greater terrorism, in our world today, than hate.

Many of our citizens are living in fear of cruel and unkind treatment, including but not limited to…



Campus Microaggressions.

Twitter Microaggressions.

Tumblr rape.

Misuse of pronouns.


Now, there is only one way to deal with terrorists. I am confident that the reintroduction of the death penalty will help us create the right balance between the right to life, the right to freedom of expression, and the inalienable and indivisible right of every human being to live their lives free from offence, from hatred, and from the unkind words, thoughts and feelings of others.

When one journalist asked about whether antisemitism, Christianophobia and the persecution of LGBT individuals was to be punished with the death penalty too, Trudeau frowned, gazed at his shiny shoes, and muttered something about ‘keeping things in proportion.’

Rumour has it that anyone guilty of any further disruptive behaviour of that order will have their press credentials confiscated in advance.

Image attribution:

By Presidencia de la Republica Mexicana [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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