Progress-Conscious Saudi Arabia Allows Women to Get Run Over by Cars

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Notable human rights paragon the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who recently got a top spot at the UN for being nice to women, have introduced yet another stunningly progressive liberal gender measure.

In the past, there were severe penalties for women who committed heinous crimes like sex before marriage, blasphemy, lesbianism…

Or looking at her idle, shiftless husband funny after doing 20 hours of hard manual labor around the house.

Such punishments included (but were hardly limited to) the ‘officially disclosed’ punishments such as corrective rape, beheading, stoning, and having to listen to batshit clerics droning on and on about, well, whatever!

However, in line with the special new responsibilities for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, women who commit Crimes Against Humanity and bring about other heinous non-First-World-problems, will no longer be beheaded or stoned.

They will be run over instead.

Better still, their husbands, sons and fathers will be given a free car insurance rebate when they put some hard justice on their wench’s asses, with their epic driving skills!

(The KSA is renowned for its vibrant free-market capitalist ethos and absence of decadent socialist interventionism and authoritarian meddling in the private and internal affairs of others; wealth creators or otherwise).

Highminded SJWs all around the civilized globe (pretty much the entirety of Berkeley, California!) have heralded this brave measure.

‘OMG! That’ll show those bigoted Islamophobic hatemongers!’ shorts one purple-haired stoner with an ass tattoo.



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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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