Trudeau Eulogies: The Fun Never Ends

Far left Communism


Adolf Hitler did many things that we, as 21st century, progressive, tolerant, metropolitan Canadians, find difficult to accept.

But Hitler did stand firm against the Red Army, preventing them from swamping Europe and perpetrating the hideous mass atrocities and crimes against Humanity they committed elsewhere, on the other side of the world, in Russia, or thereabouts.


From a purely moral standpoint, there is much to criticize in Mussolini’s political record.

Yet, few would deny that this charismatic pantomime dame, straight out of a genial and sunny 19th century Italian opera buffa, added a striking dash of mediterranean warmth and flamboyance to the previously dull and rather non-descript European political scene


Stalin certain does have a few mildly troubling strikes against his otherwise flawless record of radical emancipatory left-wing politics and intellectual theorization.

Admittedly, tolerance was not his greatest strength.

And among leaders of the time, even his record in celebrating diversity was also not the most impressive, falling substantially short of the far from puny standards of so many in our current highly enlightened and progressive political establishment here in Canada.

Nevertheless, his obdurate resistance to the forces of far-right reaction and bigotry, in the form of Hitler’s Germany, is a truly astonishing marvel of history.


Charles Manson may have made mistakes that he is rightly paying for in prison.

But it would be truly unjust to this very far from bland, conventional and non-descript figure, if we disdained to acclaim his invaluable creative influence in the music industry; his peerless concern for the environment; and his highly innovative conception of family values.


Bubby was the personification of fun.

Be honest now, who among us doesn’t enjoy doing the devil’s business?

He didn’t create anything but he sure showed us how to have fun with it once it showed up.

I can still hear him saying,”You need to get in there and get yourself some of that.”

He taught us the importance of telling lies and warned us about the evil lurking everywhere wanting to use the truth against us.

And he always reminded each and everyone one of us that if it wasn’t all about you, then who the hell else could it be about?

Don’t let the fun die.


Contributions by Appleseed Ike, Tom Skulldaney, Wallace Runnymede

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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