Godders Bloom Unfairly Represented by MSM

Pre-Brexit story…

Post-Brexit laughs!


The media, in a somewhat ageist manner, has portrayed former UKIP golden boy Godfrey Bloom as an ageing, eccentric grandfather whose mind is wandering somewhat .

However, not everyone agrees.

Yes: groundbreaking research by Guru Angus Lenn(on/in)vedanta Smiggles from the social constructionist string theory department in Bushmills Metaphysical College claims that he is actually shrewd, cunning and very much self-aware…

Yes… apparently Bloom is a smooth operator, who knows precisely what he is doing.

Bloom is unimpressed with these findings, however:

“I haven’t even heard of this place,” he scoffs.

“Sounds like some silly diploma mill where Miliband or Clegg might have studied.”

I’ll take your word for it, Godfrey. Well… why not, it’s always easier and quicker that way.


Originally published on The Spoof.

Image attribution:

By Euro Realist Newsletter (Godfrey Bloom MEP) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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