Woke Nonsense Round-Up 03/03/2017: Angry Socialists Demand Xenophobic ‘Purge’ of Foreign Latin

What Did the Romans Ever Do For Us?

Genial fop Jacob Rees-Mogg recently apologised for a recent factual error he made about Jeremy Corbyn, a staple object of satire on these pages.
How low can we go?!

Otherwise seductively Latinate orator George Galloway noted that it would have been nice to include an apology:

As did edgy indymedia outfit Sqwawkbox.

Others were unimpressed with the Latin:

Although some though it was nice to see a politician admit to being wrong for a change:

And of course, there were people who couldn’t resist making an unflattering comparison of Rees-Mogg with his Labour rivals (or rather, flattering to him and deeply, deeply unflattering to them…)

And surprise surprise, a few people still couldn’t stay on topic. This time it’s about Brexit…


So, who won in today’s woke nonsense roundup?

Was Rees-Mogg truly a pompous ass, talking down to ‘the proles?’

Or were his opponents being elitist, and assuming ‘the plebs’ couldn’t use a search engine?

Leave your thoughts below.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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