Corbyn Rejoices: Rotherham Mother Arrested for ‘Islamophobic’ Facebook Rant

The mother of one of the girls who was pimped in Rotherham has recently found herself arrested as a hate criminal.

Lacking a right to anonymity (unlike the moronic sex fiends who abused her daughter and threatened her family with ‘unspecified consequences’ if they said anything), the woman whose name is now on everyone’s lips recently said on Facebook:

Can you imagine the boost to the UK economy if the government set up sweatshops for jihadists and cultural terrorists, e.g. ISIS combatants and brides, or Rotherham’s most “sexually diverse?”
Imagine if the accommodation was basic (small, sufficiently hygienic and no more); labor was entirely unwaged; and people got enough food and medical care to keep them useful,and nothing else.
We could make a killing, and actually complete with China, Vietnam, North Korea.
And by the time any of them left the sweatshops, the vast majority would be too broken to cause any trouble.
Of course, the gov could make the sweatshops basically humane; it wouldn’t be like the Soviet Union or anything like that. Still, people would be too mentally and physically exhausted by the time they left to cause any more trouble. 5, 10, 20, 30 years of breaking stones in a textile factory would make it hard for them to enrich the UK with any more sexy, exotic customs or intellectually diverse sectarian ideologies.
Bracing myself for the deluge of privileged middle-class pearl-clutching; fortunately I don’t think I have any friends who would do that. I HOPE…
Be honest though, we’ve all thought this though.
Especially in our darkest, deepest, and most authentic hours.

Jeremy Corbyn notes:

I do hope justice will go the right way.

You know, just the other day, I was listening to Radio 4 in the Islington Waitrose, and I heard a terrible story about this terrible Islamophobic arrest in Brixton.

Yes, apparently a man was chanting ‘From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free,’ and when challenged about this, the man started shouting ‘Throw the Zios down the well!’

The man was swiftly set upon (and do excuse me if you’ve heard this before) by a racist, Orientalist, neoliberal, Islamophobic mob of capitalist sympathisers, who had the temerity to call this heroic, outspoken member of the Salafi community an ‘anti-semite.’

The bigoted Tory government then arrested him, instead of the angry mob.

There is simply no justice in this world.

Not yet, anyway!

Not til I’m in power.

Still, I’m glad to see the police are finally taking action against Islamophobic hate crime, and not at moment too soon.

It’s about time the real criminals learned what happens when you don’t do what you’re supposed to do.

Basically, that little bitch had it coming!

Image attribution:

Chris McAndrew [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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