CIA Hymnbook: Agnus Dei/Lamb of God.

So far, the CIA Hymnbook has covered many famous hymns; including Sanctus and Bendictus. And speaking of well-beloved Latin hymns, we now have the ‘Agnus Dei’ or ‘Lamb of God.’

If you’ve recently been reading The Satanic Bible or Necronomicon, this is just the Black Mass the darker side of you has been craving…

Lying gods, who take away the lives of the infants:

Have mercy on none.

Droning gods, who take away the lives of the mothers:

Have mercy on none

Lethal gods, who take away the lives of all people:

Grant us pork.

We also have access to a confidential leak of the Satanic Malediction

First Ritual of the Satanic Malediction:

Destroy the children, for they are the future.

Second Ritual of the Satanic Malediction:

Destroy the mothers, for they are the cultivators of love and generosity.

Third Ritual of the Satanic Malediction:

Destroy the multitude, for they are the last and final boundaries of our power.

Do you believe our leak is authentic?

Do you think the CIA are really worshippers of Satan?

Leave your thoughts below…

But be careful! We have linked to their name above, so they are probably watching you already…

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