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Animals Furious at PETA for Campaigning Against Testing Cosmetics Products on Them

Animal rights have been violated for years by an organization that has vowed to protect them. Animal poverty is rising while animal ugliness is increasing simultaneously. Discover the correlation.

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David Attenborough in Furious Rant at British Wildlife Awards

Sir David Attenborough, veteran English broadcaster and naturalist has caused a stir at The British Wildlife T.V. Awards in London. Uncharacteristically, the ‘Life On Earth’ presenter self-indulged in an indignant monologue… As he accepted the coveted prize for ‘Best Goldfish…

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Crocodile Eats 75 Villagers in Remote Kenyan Park

Bwanna, Kenya – ( Game preserve officers tracked down and killed a 45 foot long crocodile today after it was seen leaving a village it decimated during an evening celebration. The reptile is being reported as the ‘world’s largest crocodile.’…

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