Random Thoughts (XV): Scabshamers, Silicon Valley & Silly Brussels Bureaucrats!

Silicon Masks, Black Souls

At times of peace, Silicon Valley platforms look, at least partly, like open forums. But don’t look at them during times of normality. Look at them at times of exception. Then the mask slips completely! When consensus breaks down and society becomes increasingly polarised, they will ALWAYS take sides. At bottom, they always have been centrists, and they always will be.


Effeminate Generational Mutilation

Another US state criminalises female genital mutiliation.

Compare the UK. There are many things that cannot be done in the UK, because of the common buzzword ‘community relations.’ According to the authorities and the elites, reporting and prosecuting FGM is bad for ‘community relations.’ Prosecuting rape gangs is bad for ‘community relations.’ Even giving Asia Bibi asylum is bad for ‘community relations.’ How much more of these ‘community relations’ excuses are we prepared to put up with?


Neurodiversity Run Amok

The fact that some autistic individuals are vulnerable to radicalisation (Islam, Alt-Right, Incels) is another nail in the coffin of ‘neurodiversity’ and its politically correct, highly indiscriminate ‘celebration’ of all forms of neurodivergence. Read more Random Thoughts (XV): Scabshamers, Silicon Valley & Silly Brussels Bureaucrats!