Random Thoughts (XV): Scabshamers, Silicon Valley & Silly Brussels Bureaucrats!

Silicon Masks, Black Souls

At times of peace, Silicon Valley platforms look, at least partly, like open forums. But don’t look at them during times of normality. Look at them at times of exception. Then the mask slips completely! When consensus breaks down and society becomes increasingly polarised, they will ALWAYS take sides. At bottom, they always have been centrists, and they always will be.

Effeminate Generational Mutilation

Another US state criminalises female genital mutiliation.

Compare the UK. There are many things that cannot be done in the UK, because of the common buzzword ‘community relations.’ According to the authorities and the elites, reporting and prosecuting FGM is bad for ‘community relations.’ Prosecuting rape gangs is bad for ‘community relations.’ Even giving Asia Bibi asylum is bad for ‘community relations.’ How much more of these ‘community relations’ excuses are we prepared to put up with?

Neurodiversity Run Amok

The fact that some autistic individuals are vulnerable to radicalisation (Islam, Alt-Right, Incels) is another nail in the coffin of ‘neurodiversity’ and its politically correct, highly indiscriminate ‘celebration’ of all forms of neurodivergence. The militant autism lobby need to stop pretending our horrible disability is a source for pride.

It is no more a source for pride than cancer or AIDS.

Sympathy for the Heathens

Anyone remember this hoary old reindeer ball?

This is the sort of fun, wacky, irreverent, faux-demonic parody of religious themes that is a staple of Christian and Western civilisation. Try pulling a Black Sabbath or a Rabelais in Saudi Arabia or Myanmar, and let me know how you get on. All people may be born with equal dignity, but not all values are equally morally acceptable. Freedom of speech is superior to censorship, the dignity of women is better than misogyny, and it is better for racism and antisemitism to be frowned upon than for it to be openly celebrated and flaunted.

One Day, the Scabshamers Will Be the Ones Unpicked!

I’m proud to say I’ve now registered at another gig economy site, similar to Fiverr. One day, I’m going to apply for a more elite site, or indeed several. But for now, it’s these two sites, where you don’t have to put in a very long and serious application, to really impress the gatekeepers. I won’t worry about Fiverrphobia, or indeed FiveSquidphobia. I’ve been scab-shamed a lot in the past for being poor, disabled and ill and DARING to have the TEMERITY to do whatever it takes to keep myself alive, and reduce the burden on my family. But I am never going to let a bunch of stuck-up champagne socialists turn me aside from trying to become a productive, healthy, creative and prosperous person.

The idea that those who are ill, disabled and deeply impoverished ought to starve ‘on principle,’ rather than ‘collaborate’ with the ‘oppressive’ and ‘abusive’ and ‘exploitative’ gig economy, or with so-called ‘underpaid’ work, or with editors who don’t pay their writers, tells you all you need to know about a certain mindset in today’s world. I will not let myself be brought to ground by people who are lacking in fundamental empathy and compassion.

When Will Feminism Include All Women?

Many feminists are selectively outraged about misogyny. Where are all the feminists when something bad happens to the working class, or to women in Communist countries, or theocracies? Only a few feminists care. And only a few feminists care about women who are abused by pornographers and pimps.

And Finally… Nice to Guy You, to Guy You Nice!

The first reservations I ever had about Brexit were when I finally discovered that once we’re out of Schengen, we’re stuck with the Remoaners forever! “Well, if you hate it here so much, why don’t you leave?” BECAUSE WE CAN’T, YOU UTTER BELLEND!

The second… Well, I have to admit this idiot is kind of growing on me!

Last King of Europe! He reminds me of Idi Amin! The weird combination of Pidgin English, disjointed speech and deranged ravings are actually quite hypnotic…
I’m gonna miss you, Guysy baby!

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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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