Google May Indeed Auto-Complete Your Racism: But What about DuckDuckGo?

Way back in 2013, we had an edgy article about how Google use autofill to complete your racism.

By the way, you’ll notice I linked to Google unnecessarily. Exactly what a good Agorist sympathiser would do!

Ha ha.

That was a joke.

Of course!


DuckDuckGo is a smarter, sexier search engine for the security-conscious web user.

However, even the smarter and more informed people who use it aren’t that much smarter than Google users, as we shall come to see from these screengrabs.



I’m sayin’ nothin’! These guys have caused enough trouble already.

Gender Wars


So only women do all these heinous things?

Wow, these boys really ain’t too bright!

And men have nipplies? Really?!

Most of the women I know don’t even have nipplies! Imagine how many idiots must have typed that cutesy pet name in for it to be the second result?

As for pulling away; well, better pulling away than pulling out! Duh!

Fascists and Communists


How do fascists feel about peace?

I don’t know, why don’t you ask Adolf Hitler, the next time he’s bombing the living shite out of Europe.

Or Mussolini, the next time he’s destroying half of Ethiopia.

How the hell is this even a Q?

For God’s sake!

And their opposite numbers are no better.

Why do Communists use red?


On and by the way, Communists don’t call each other ‘comrade.’

They call each other ‘tongzhi,’ which just by some strange coincidence, also means male homosexual.

Don’t even ask me to BEGIN to unravel that one…



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