The Gift

The alien spaceship is less than one million miles from Earth. Three aliens are seated in the cockpit, looking through the large horizontal window as they approach the planet. Above the window a large display screen shows a close up view of New York City, from Times Square over to the East River. The aliens are pushing buttons and switches on the control panel below the window. Read more The Gift


Moviegoers Catch Up on Sleep During First Man

Fans of sleeping in comfortable movie chairs are excited about the release of First Man, the latest in the Hollywood tradition of boring movies about space.

“We’re proud of First Man. We think it’s the most boring movie about space ever, and that’s saying a lot,” said producer, Robert Weinbergersteen. “We know the fans go to space movies to get away from it all and escape their lives for a few hours. They really appreciate the opportunity to escape to a dark movie theater, sit in comfortable chairs, not be bothered by phone calls or texts, kids, bosses, spouses, and just fall asleep for two hours.”

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