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What Qualities Women Value The Most

Nowadays, women not only value men’s handsomeness and good health, but also social status. More and more girls and women are not looking for love and passionate feelings, but prefer men who are wealthy and socially successful. Don’t blame them…

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Red Flag Alert! The 5 Idiotic Words That Infallibly PROVE Your Relationship is a Non-Starter!

How many times have you looked back at a failed relationship and realised you just didn’t read the signs of the times? Some people just don’t learn; but I’m hear to tell y’all exactly what you DON’T want to hear….

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The Fear of Romantic Failure: & How to Rise Above It!

Many of us men, and many women also, struggle with the feeling we have nothing to offer others, and that we are not competitive at all in the marketplace of love and marriage. I believe reframing things is helpful, so…

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Love, Despair & Singlehood: There is no Law Against Being ‘Extraordinary!’

Your romantic success does not depend on anyone but you. If that sounds scary, even cripplingly scary, it’s not. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world. Because from here on in, it really is up to you. I do…

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Why Online Dating Is Better than Real Dating

The Internet offers us many opportunities, and this is especially true about our personal lives. Nowadays, it’s even possible to take advantage of the opportunity to try online dating on specialized sites. And it’s so easy: you just need to…

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