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World’s Most Hated Celebs Launch a New Wave of Horrendous Nike Endorsements! Read On… If You Dare!

When Colin Kapernick joined Nike, a new ad originated: Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. This ad has led to many parodies. The meme has been noted in The Chive, The Drum and various other places online….

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Random Thoughts (XI): PC, Peoplekind and Professional Lunatics

1. Magic Horses, Mehdi and Dawkins. If I wanted magic horses I would fucking read C S Lewis! At least he admitted Fledge was something he made up.

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Stop Darwinophobia Now: Dawkinsism is the Science of Peace

I’m sick of all these privileged bigots claiming that New Atheists are somehow ‘superior’ to the Moderate Political Islamist Community. I mean, remember when A C Grayling was advocating beheading everyone who insulted his wife, or when Richard Dawkins wanted…

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