Stop Darwinophobia Now: Dawkinsism is the Science of Peace

I’m sick of all these privileged bigots claiming that New Atheists are somehow ‘superior’ to the Moderate Political Islamist Community.

I mean, remember when A C Grayling was advocating beheading everyone who insulted his wife, or when Richard Dawkins wanted to stone people who denied the literal inspired word of Darwin?

This stuff is happening all the time!

Have you been living under a rock?! They’re all the same to me, as far as I’m concerned. It’s all because of the pure evil bought-and-paid Darwinophobe MSM & the Dawkinsophobia Industry.

We need more intellectual diversity so that we can silence people who hate Dawkins and make us feel uncomfortable when our unconditional love and veneration for him is questioned.

Freedom of speech has limits.

Freedom of speech is not an absolute.

On the contrary, freedom of speech DEMANDS accountability.

We have to balance the rights of the individual with the inalienable and unquestionable rights of society.

Otherwise all our plans for the good of Humanity will come to nothing.


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