Unbelievable Scoop! Gripping New Lead in Khashoggi Case (What Does Erdogan Know?!)

The recent Jamal Khashoggi disaster has fired the imagination of backward, primitive theocrats and freedom loving individualists alike.

The Turkish government are apparently very upset a Saudi journalist was dismembered and murdered in the Saudi embassy.

The Saudi government are also not best pleased about innocent people getting cut up and mutilated (make of that what you will!)

However, steamy allegations have now surfaced about the flamboyantly controversial Turkish regime.

Not since the fashionable swishy cloaked clerics of 80s Tehran has the Islamic world seen such a kaleidoscopic explosion of diversity:

FGMs, beheading, stonings, and what have you.

But what really happened to Khashoggi?

A secret video may just have the answer…

Still, it wouldn’t be the first time a country like Turkey had a problem with embracing diversity…

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