Choosing the Body of the Guitar: Simple Tips for the Beginners & Experts

There is a wide variety of models of guitar bodies and it is one of its components that most influence the sound of this musical instrument. There are 3 basic body styles. Classic is the most used to play with the fingers, being very well balanced between high and low treble in addition to having a very clean sound. Dreadnought is the most common and used, suitable both for playing with the fingers or the pick. They have greater volume than the classic ones and a greater presence of serious tones although all the tones are very balanced. Jumbo is the larger and rounder than the previous ones which give them more volume and gravity. Choose your best electroacoustic guitar and gather all the information you need from Musiety.

Types of the Guitar

The wood also influences the quality and type of sound of the guitar.The first thing would be to choose between laminated or solid wood. The sound of solid wood is richer and a greater volume is achieved. In addition, it must be borne in mind that the solid cap resists much better the tension produced by the effect of the strings than a laminated wood top. This can lead to a long-term deformation of the guitar and cause the guitar to lose its correct tuning. So a guitar with a solid lid will better withstand the passage of time. Here you can find the best online guitar lessons.

  • Fir, with even high pitch Fir provides clear and touchy smooth
  • Cedar, it is very idealistic guitar to be played by fingers and it provides warm pitch
  • Mahogany, it delivers very strong sound and is made especially for blues guitarists
  • Maple, transparent and clean sound
  • Rosewood, darker, high and medium rich shades and strong bass

Buy cheap electroacoustic guitars

The purchase of a guitar pedal along with an amplifier will allow you to experiment with more types of tones and get the most out of our new instrument. Economic electroacoustic guitars are narrow body guitars that offer great comfort when playing. This is a model with good resonance and with a good enough sound to be an initiation guitar. It is an electroacoustic guitar for beginners that have a very good quality-price ratio. Guitar under 500 is thebest quality guitars, laminated wood and fingerboard is usually tinted.

Conclusion: Choose the strings

There are two types of strings you can buy, nylon and steel. Nylon strings offer soft heart melting tone and melodious sound that is ideal for folks, classical and Latin music. The steel ones give you a powerful and rich sound and recommended for jazz, blues, rock & roll or country. If you want to buy electroacoustic guitar with a little more levelthen electroacoustic with preamp are much more advanced guitars.



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