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Please Support Our Hilarious Satire Site! Here’s What You Can Do… Click On!

Despite being run on a shoestring, Glossy News have still managed to get tons of likes… But we need many, many more! Please like our Facebook page; and if you want, you can even change your follow settings to maximum…

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Glossy News Exclusive: Sean Hannity’s Secret… That Everybody Already Knows

Washington, DC- For most Americans, Sean Hannity is known as a fiery conservative mouth piece who nightly uses his influence to stoke the fires of division, with the subtlety and nuance of a sloppy wet fart. But behind those pearly…

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Cake Monster and His Creamy Lips

Leaders of the planet: Eaters of Golden Filigree accented treats. (They ask) “Who the hell needs to eat? We could all stand to lose… a couple L Bs.” With the butternut creme

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The Gamification Of The Online Casino Industry

 The online casino game industry is an ever progressing industry that embarks its journey on technological development and improvement. Although the e-sport gaming and the casino gaming industries have been categorized as two separate entities, a lot of similarities still…

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