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My Open Letter to the Guy Crossing the Street Against Traffic Without Looking up

Dear person who never looks up while crossing the street, no matter how much traffic there is, Hey, how’s it going? I hope I didn’t interrupt you from anything important. Please, by all means, go ahead and finish texting LOL…

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Who are the Real Individualists in UK Politics?

The ‘economic individualism/economic collectivism’ dichotomy is so idiotic, I wish it could be binned, preferably along with those who propagate it. Welfare and the NHS, designed to relieve and alleviate the suffering of real people, rather than of meaningless abstractions,…

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Are Secular ‘Islamophobes’ the Only True Friends Muslims Have?

Suppose I told you this was the result of a conversation I had with a dear friend? Let’s call her Fatima.

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Stop the Tyranny of Facts. Check Your Privilege, & Stop Violating my Intuitions

As I just commented to some friends on Facebook about this HORRIBLE article… We have to do something about the plague of #altliterarycritique! We truly are in a post-Derridean age, where arbitrary social constructs just don’t matter any more, and…

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