Who are the Real Individualists in UK Politics?

The ‘economic individualism/economic collectivism’ dichotomy is so idiotic, I wish it could be binned, preferably along with those who propagate it.

Welfare and the NHS, designed to relieve and alleviate the suffering of real people, rather than of meaningless abstractions, are much less ‘collectivist’ concerns than the Tory veneration of ‘the economy’ and ‘the national interest.’

So, who are the real collectivists here?

Collectivism, properly understood, should mean ‘recognizing the rights (sic) of society, of humanity, the national interest, etc., etc.’ instead treating all rights, interests, and wellbeings, as purely individual in character.

Interestingly enough, it appears to be the Tories who are interested in harming individuals for ‘the good of the economy’ and ‘the national interest,’ or whatever fanciful abstract ideal is in question

Who are the real collectivists here?

And dare I ask…

Who are the real individualists?


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