Stop the Tyranny of Facts. Check Your Privilege, & Stop Violating my Intuitions

As I just commented to some friends on Facebook about this HORRIBLE article…

We have to do something about the plague of #altliterarycritique!

We truly are in a post-Derridean age, where arbitrary social constructs just don’t matter any more, and anyone can just push their so-called FACTS on us without expecting some sort of radical deconstructive pushback.

Arbitrary, speculative nonsense!

What warrant do they have in daring to challenge my inalienable and inviolable subjective intuitions, as though these silly ‘brute facts’ of theirs somehow had some kind of serious purchase!

Next thing you know, they’ll be saying ‘The Gulf War ACTUALLY DID happen,’ or some other pretentious, flamboyant claptrap like that…


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