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U.S. considers sending sympathy cards to Syria rebels

The White House is considering sending sympathy cards to Syrian rebels, officials said, but no arrangements have been made. A decision to supply sympathy cards would indicate a change in the Obama administration, which has resisted repeated requests to expand…

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Human Really Impressing Other Humans Right Now

We’ve lived on this planet for thirty-five years now, and though we have easily adopted their mannerisms, assumed their practices, and assimilated their languages, we think it’s safe to say there are some things that we will never understand –…

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Who would you pay to have sex with? (comic)

It’s the age-old question. Who would you do? Who would you do for $100? Who would you do for a million bucks? The film Indecent Proposal really re-opened this never-closed question by giving random girls with low self-esteem the impression…

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