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U.S. Congressional Approval Falls Below 0%

The U.S. House of Representatives recently held a hearing concerning the revelation that Congress’ approval rating hit the unprecedented low of -0.4%. The following is a transcript of that hearing. CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL RATING FALLS BELOW 0% 2012 HEARING BEFORE THE…

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Housewives Ruin Dinner and the Economy

Housewives forgetting vital ingredients for dinner are costing supermarket chains and the world economy billions of dollars every year. A new study released today has revealed a damaging portrayal of housewives and how they are single-handedly ruining the world economy.

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Greek Economic Collapse Could Have Knock-On Effect for Other Not-America Countries

ATHENS, GREECE – As votes continue to be counted in the Greek general election, worries continue to mount that the fallout from the country’s potential economic collapse could have a knock-on effect for many other not-America countries. Should Greece fail…

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Aerial Drones Surveil for Trash in Miami… Hey Look, The Olympics

Viewer interest in Olympic skeet shooting soared among Miami Beach residents following the recent passage of a city ordinance mandating recycling monitored by remote-controlled drones. Aerial drones the size of dragonflies fly neighborhood reconnaissance patterns to scan microchips embedded within…

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