Christmas Caroling Obviously Banned as “Offensive”

Oh yes, Christmas is coming, just around the corner in fact. The Festive Season of Peace on Earth and Good Will to all Men.

So, are we all prepared for an evening’s visit from our local Church group’s carol singers? Mince pies and mulled wine at the ready, along with a handful of shiny silver coins for the collection tin?

Er – actually no – the Spirit of Xmas, under new E-USSR ‘Scrooge’ legislation and personal household security guidelines, has gone the way of the dinosaur and is deader than the Dodo. Read more Christmas Caroling Obviously Banned as “Offensive”


New York Man Guilty of Dying Without License

New York City, NY (GlossyNews): A New York man was held without bail today on charges of dying without a license.

Arresting office, and legendary Parking Meter Compliance Enforcement Specialist Miami Fickle, told the Court in sworn testimony, “I knew two and a half weeks ago the guy was going to be trouble. He was parked under a bridge, and when I went to ticket his car for illegal parking, he just sat there in the driver’s seat, holding his chest and going, ‘Help me, help me.’ Read more New York Man Guilty of Dying Without License


Cap & Trade Compromise – Eat Pets for Carbon Credit

Doubtless 50% of the UK’s half-awake population have been brainstormed by know-all media pundits gobbing off about the forthcoming global warming propaganda summit in tropical Copenhagen next month – and may well have scratched their arses – and then their collective heads – for a brief and fleeting moment – about doing their bit for Al Bore and Mother Nature – and cleaning up their carbon footprint. Read more Cap & Trade Compromise – Eat Pets for Carbon Credit


Does God Exist?

What kind of Question is this? Are you Nuts? You might as well as ask a windy person, say, what’s the answer to: what’s the ultimate goal in life? why are we here? what’s the meaning of life? and so forth. Don’t you all find it rather Sisyphean to ask such question considering how all those before you weren’t able to find an “answer” to this intractable philosophical, theological inquire. Read more Does God Exist?