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Pope to Search Space For New Communicants/Converts

THE VATICAN, Rome — The Pontifical Academy sent out news this week that the Vatican was beginning to search far and wide for new communicants. This seemingly sudden rush to sign up new members follows quickly on the rather poor…

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Iraq Stands by “Magic Bomb Detector” Technology

Iraqi security forces have adopted a revolutionary new bomb detection device, according to the New York Times. The hand-held device is several orders of magnitude smaller than devices available from “reputable” manufacturers, but American critics have their collective panties in…

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Welfare Handouts – Visit the UK & fill Yer Boots with Booty

Now here’s a brain-teaser to contemplate while considering which scumbag political party to vote for in next year’s General Election. Why is the common British working class peasant paying child benefit for kids that don’t live in the UK and…

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BDSM Blamed on PCB’s

One medical report just leaked to the Transgender Gazette by government whistleblowers indicates something really does stink in Denmark – and it’s definitely not Hamlet’s socks. The Copenhagen government yesterday admitted that leaked official research proved pregnant mothers, new-born babies…

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The Bronx Project

The Bronx Project is a diverse community that demonstrates what human freedom combined with love and unity is capable of achieving. It was inspiring to see how people of every ethnic, economic and social background were willing to sacrifice —…

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