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Sharpen Your Pens! Glossy News Wants Your Poems… & Here are a Few Examples to Whet your Appetites!

Glossy News has plenty of room for poetry: serious poetry, yes, but especially satire! Or sometimes even serious (i.e. sober satire). Email the managing editor on if you want to contribute. Here are a few ideas to set you…

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In Syria Did Cameron: An Ode to a Dynamic Intervention, in the Mode of Coleridge

In Syria did Cameron A pleasurable jape decree: Where Euphrates river swells with death

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Putin Puts In His Pugnacious Presence to Punitively Preempt and Perhaps Plunder the Syrian Proceedings Plight

Obama and other world leaders were sitting around the UN private lounge contemplating what to do about the Syrian crisis that was disturbing all of the Mideast and Europe. Depression had set in due to the difficulties that had arisen…

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