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Rick Perry/Johnny Cash Article: Long-Winded Disclaimer & Non-Apology

Within seconds of publishing my article on Rick Perry as future Last Republican President and Johnny Cash Wannabe, my covert stash of hatemail, hater-mail and hateful-male-mail was inundated…

With millions upon billions of complaints about what some people considered to be a disrespectful gay come-on to Rick Perry.

Well, hey! It does appear that for some of you ‘open-minded-within-reason’ folks out there, ‘gay’ and ‘disrespectful’ are pretty synonymous. Still, let me remind you what I said last time. Read the full story


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Rick Santorum Declares Himself Trans-Sexual…. But NOT Transsexual! (2/2)

Time for a bit of

mutual mud-slinging, entrenched opinions and the politics of disagreement

as one notable satirical persona says.

Or again, as another such persona says:

Of course, it’s perfectly true, from one perspective, that…

But the other side of this dilemma, which is equally undeniable and obvious…

Let’s see how US politicians have responded to Santorum’s confession that he is trans-sexual, but definitely, definitely not transsexual. Read the full story


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Rick Santorum Declares Himself Trans-Sexual…. But NOT Transsexual! (1/2)

Rick Santorum has not given the warm and generous welcome to the Supreme Court decision that a number of Republicans had anticipated.

So he’s decided to avoid a false neutrality on this occasion and really speak from the heart.

This may come as a surprise to not a few of you, but I think the new rules are actually totally heterophobic.

I mean, why can’t I have a gay marriage if I want it? So seriously, in order to have a gay marriage, you actually have to be gay? Read the full story


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Khameini Frustrated: Putin Still Friendzoning Ayatollah (2/2) (NSFW)

Unlike Khomeini-ite Fiqh, TULIP-flavor Calvinism, and other scientific and empirically rigorous political discourses, “nice guy” and “friendzoning” are ideological aberrations that are completely detached from reality.

Still, that didn’t stop Khameini giving it to us one last time:

I mean, there are so many jumpy, rowdy, jerk-off pricks who treat other guys really, really, REALLY badly! And Putin doesn’t mind THEM!

Read the full story


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LGBTQQ Community Finally Exhausts Alphabet

It’s finally happened. The non-traditional sexuality and gender communities have exhausted the alphabet in their attempts to include everyone under one umbrella acronym.

Starting in the 1990s, those of different sexual persuasions started describing themselves as part of the LGBT or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community.

That designation worked for a while until some smaller marginalized minorities voiced their concerns. Read the full story


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If you love her, put a threesome ring on it (comic)

Quick note before we get started… as sexy as these things may seem on the surface, they’re terribly disappointing, horribly divisive, and generally the end of your relationship.

Some guys haven’t learned that yet, which is the basis of today’s cartoon, so consume it accordingly. Read the full story


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Husband Doubts His Wife’s State of Intimacy (COMIC)

If you love your wife, and you doubt that she might love you quite as much back, then you are not alone. Just talk to her and communicate your feelings, and before you know it, the answer will become evident to you.

Click on the image at right to enlarge it and see it full-sized.

To see all of my comics, including the many that have yet to be published, go to GlossyNews.com/c. It also includes details and commentary you won’t find anywhere else.


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Marcus Bachmann Furiously Gerrymandering Hetero Lines

Conservative icon and shockingly good dancer Marcus Bachmann is in the news again, following allegations that he had inappropriate contact with one of his “patients” at his “pray the gay away” clinic.

“Well we all know what’s straight and what isn’t,” said Davis Germaine, attorney for the victim. “But it seems he wants to redraw the lines for what is and isn’t gay in a way more favorable to him.” Read the full story


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Gay Community Finally Admits Plan To Ruin The Sanctity of Marriage


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Lawyers Clash in Gay Purity Case

Las Vegas, NV (GlossyGaySports) Legal scholars hint that far reaching precedent may be the outcome of Dan Steele vs. Gay Bowling League America, set for opening arguments next week. At issue is GBLA’s stripping Steele of his 2009 championship, but Columbia’s Lance Forestall is among many who speak of wider implications.

Professor Forestall said, “We’re all aware of the surface facts. A losing contestant protested Steele’s victory on grounds of non-gayness. Steele’s defense was bisexuality, Read the full story


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Limbaugh Draws Outrage from International Sources

UN HEADQUARTERS, NEW YORK — In an amazing show of quick response today, the governments of Canada, Great Britain, Costa Rica and Cuba introduced a resolution into the United Nations proceedings that bans Rush Limbaugh from entering their countries over the next 10 years.

The UN Ambassador of Canada, John McNee, spoke as the head of the new organization, Globally Ban Limbaugh Travel Quickly, a/k/a GBLTQ — not to be confused with GLBTQ, a national organization of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer men and women. Read the full story


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Dairy Apologizes for “Milf” Misunderstanding

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA (GlossyNews) — Toward the end of World War II in 1945, the Stueve family of California founded Alta Dena Dairy. Throughout the 1950s, it earned a reputation as one of the most innovative farms with its line of healthy choices in dairy products. Today, thousands of consumers in Southern California continue to have milk and other products delivered directly to their homes by Alta Dena. Read the full story


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Teens Having Less Sex (in the missionary position)

According to research conducted nationwide, conventional teen coitus is on the downturn. Not in favor of abstinence, but in favor of more exhausting, athletic and often dangerous positions. Read the full story


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