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Negative Thoughts & Feelings: Win The Game, Reframe!

Last time, I spoke a little about how choosing alternative categories and concepts will help you understand yourself and your place in this world better; by avoiding one-sided, prejudiced and unhealthy views. Don’t sell yourself short! Don’t demand ‘the right…

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7 of the Most Unbelievably Encouraging & Inspirational Quotes in History!

St Gregory of Nyssa This early Church Father knew well the power of intuition, creativity and redeeming love. Concepts create idols; only wonder comprehends anything. People kill one another over idols. Wonder makes us fall to our knees. Jordan Page…

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Man Unable to Apply a Lifetime’s Research into Self-Improvement, Dies Wholly Unsuccessful in Life

Dateline: NEW YORK CITY—A connoisseur of self-help books has died alone and impoverished after having spent years locked in his apartment, practicing to be a better person. Albert Dunderhead had an impressive collection of self-help manuals, as attested by the…

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