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Saruman Was Actually the REAL Hero of the Lord of the Rings: & Here’s Why!

Everybody seems to think Saruman is a real bad guy… But why? It’s time to finally challenge the mainstream narratives. But first of all, we need to look at what the extremists and fanatics on BOTH sides are saying about…

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Bradlee Scott Amazing Keyboard Skills!

Nope, he cheats by using hand-squids. Typical Hollywood elites. If you watch his hands and hear his music, there’s no way he has enough fingers to get the job done.  Videos about Anakin Skywalker’s time in the shire is…

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Random Thoughts (XII): Grand Wizards, Bent Wizards & Wacky Quotes!

Counter-Terrorism in Middle Earth If Mordor was the Political Islamist Dystopia, and Isengard was the equivocal ‘middle line Realpolitik’ kingdom of ‘moderate political Islamism’ and/or ‘post-Islamism,’ what would you do?

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