Liberty Snippets #3: Elves & Orcs

Elvesplaining the Orcs

People are always trying to square the circle of Christianity and belligerence.
This, of course, is contrary to a consistent life ethic.
Unfortunately, I think the #NotAllChristians brigade are going to be chiming in with the #NotAllMuslims clan and all the other shameless Disassociation Squads!
“Christianity is a religion of peace. Christianity has nothing to do with warmongering. Christianity is not monolithic.”
There actually are such people out there, and you get them in every faith. It’s a self-evident attempt to derail the discussion.
By that logic, #NotAllRussians were Tankies, so one shouldn’t have to talk about the % of Russians that WERE.
I think it’s about time I started lobbying on behalf of Mordor.
I’m sick of the Elvish MSM bias.
Why do they never talk about the atrocities the Dwarves committed too?
Why is the news always negative?
Where are all the positive stories about the Balrogs?
Not all spiders!
The Elves are essentialists who judge all orcs by the actions of a miniscule minority.
Image from Geralt, Pixabay.

Fun Quiz: How to Respond to “Offensive” Religious Cartoons

Islam and Christianity.
Match up the responses.
A. Ignore it / laugh it off / pray for them.
B. Start rioting on the streets and threatening to kill people.
Can you by any chance guess which is which?
Image from JeffJacob1990, Pixabay.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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