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The UK Will Never Leave Europe: But Will We Have the Courage to Leave the EU?

Behind the distortions and exaggerations of both sides, one fact remains unshakable:

Europe is not the EU.

A ‘stay’ vote in tomorrow’s referendum is not a vote to remain in Europe.

A ‘leave’ vote in tomorrow’s referendum is not a vote to leave Europe. Read the full story


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Accepting Refugees: Don’t Judge Eastern Europe too Harshly…? (1/2)

The topic of accepting and welcoming refugees into Europe is deeply contentious. And the recent massacres in Paris and the stories of a Syrian passport have not helped matters.

But whatever one feels about this issue, it’s surely important to remember that ‘Europe’ is not a monolithic power bloc. Human minds are inclined to think in abstractions like ‘Europe.’ To a degree, this is unavoidable…

But do all Europeans bear an equal responsibility for accepting refugees? Read the full story


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Germany to Leave EU… for the Children

Stocks plunged worldwide and oil closed below $80 today on news that Germany will end its European Union membership effective 2012.

Financial analysts and global security experts are unable to predict how the unexpected move will shape an increasingly interconnected world. This much is known, nobody knows why the Germans made this decision, they won’t say why, and we have no way of making them talk. Read the full story


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Irish in Feverish Leprechaun Hunt to Rescue Economy

DUBLIN, Ireland – In the wake of some of the worst economic news to hit Ireland for decades, record numbers of Irish people are laying traps hoping to catch the elusive leprechauns and make them hand over the gold in their possession.

Some claim that the stores of gold held captive by the country’s leprechauns is enough to not only bring Ireland out of the financial mess but to make it the richest country in the world. Read the full story


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Rhubarbie Mugabe Joining EU – Que?

Robert Rhubarbie – the 126-year old bonkers dictator and President Forever of basket case Zimbabwe in Darkest Africa, has been in talks with EU officials about having sanctions lifted – and joining the EU itself. Read the full story


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EU Decision Throws Europe into Darkness

Hours, KW – The Eiffel Tower is now a threat to aviation safety as it stands unlit in the Paris night. Other famous landmarks in various European cities have gone dark as well due to the European Union’s decision to ban incandescent light bulbs in favor of replacing them with the more energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) sold by Wal-Marts all over Europe. Read the full story


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Common Purpose? – Dial 666

There are now legions of people in the UK cognisant that the planned Kaflaesque-Orwellian European Union Superstate – following the manipulated ratification of the Lisbon Treaty – is just a matter of time and not one of ‘what if’ but simply ‘when’. Read the full story


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Welcome to the EU’s New Dark Ages

Under the latest stupid EU ruling the manufacture and import of 100 watt incandescent light bulbs in Britain will be banned in favour of the CFL energy-saving variety – by which you can’t see to read – or write – brush your hair, wipe your arse, tie your shoe laces or shave without cutting your own throat. Read the full story


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