Deglobalisation is Not Enough: The Death of the Nation-State is Next!

European Union

Europe will still exist, even if we leave the EU. Europe is eternal. We will ALWAYS be part of Europe

Well, yes.
Of course!
How much is it going to blow your mind if I told you the same about the UK and its various constituent parts?!?!?! 😉
The Global Village is at death’s door, and the nation-state is next on my hit list!

I’ve often said the environment is Trump’s Achilles Heel. But I’d go further! Trump’s lack of interest in the environmental crisis shows that ‘America First’ is only a staging post. Deglobalisation is NOT enough. Neither he nor AOC seem to understand this. Just as deglobalisation is not hatred of the world or rejection of the entire human race, so also is denationalisation not hatred of America. I believe the Trump presidency has helped blow the doors off the centrifugal (i.e. hurtling-outwards) tendency of globalisation and its attending ideological formations, but it would be dangerously misguided to think we can all just stop with America First, or India First, or Brexit.
This explosive centripetal tendency or ‘turning-inward’ needs to be accelerated and heightened with the counter-Wilsonian ‘green heat of ANTI-technology.’
Why stop at blowing up the Global Village?

The nation-state is next on our list: not because I hate my country, but because I love it more than anything else on earth. Localisation will not be the death of Britain and its four constituent parts, but its redemption.
Denationalisation may mar the body, but it cannot harm the soul. Europe is eternal, the EU is not!
The same can be said for Britain, for those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear…
The clash of national interests cannot be eliminated by the centrifugal force of globalism, but only the centripetal force of localisation. Let the nation become more of a spiritual reality, and less of a material one. Deglobalisation is a great phenomenon of our times, but it means very little without denationalisation.I would accept the death of the nation-state, if it meant ultra-localisation and a healing of the wounds of Amfortas
But I will never accept the death of the nation-state as part of some rootless, bourgeois-humanitarian, global monoculture.
Do you understand how high the stakes are here?

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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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