INFALLIBLE GUIDE! How to Spot the Difference Between the Alt-Right & Alt Left! (OH WAIT…!)

The Alt-Right and SJWs both:

1. Get offended at stuff they read on the internet.

2. Get offended by other people being offended by stuff they read on the internet.

3. Need a safe space to run away from ‘harmful’ ideas/people.

4. Have a persecution complex about imaginary violence (compare ‘words are violence!’ vs ‘white genocide!’)

5. Commit ACTUAL violence and street thuggery (KKK / Antifa).

6. Prize feels over facts.

7. Hold different groups of people to different moral standards.

8. Believe in group minds, communities and polylogism.

9. Agitate for group interests and collective rights.

10. Oppose Christianity on nihilistic, juvenile grounds (rather than from the perspective of a truly critical, rationalistic approach).

11. Bitch non-stop about capitalism, without offering any remotely serious or viable alternative suggestions.

12. Have an all or nothing view of consensus vs dissensus.

13. Have extreme, irrational and one-sided views on immigration.

14. Completely contemptuous and dismissive towards national sovereignty.

15. Wilfully hypocritical and inconsistent on the topic of freedom of speech.

16. Dick-wave about sex because they are themselves sexually insecure.

17. Against sexual consent (‘dating preferences are discriminatory!’ vs ‘miscegenation is white genocide!’)

18. Against due process (‘all black men are rapists! Believe women’ vs ‘all black men are rapists! Believe white people!’)

19. Opposed to equality of opportunity (affirmative action and open borders vs racial segregation, apartheid and exiling).

20. Against individual justice (support group innocence and group guilt).


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