Nano-Chip Brain Implant Allows Users to Instantly Speak Foreign Language

The first-ever nano-chip language translators are rolling off the assembly line and into cosmetic surgeons’ offices quicker than you can say “Se Habla Espanol?” No longer will it be necessary for those wishing to learn a second or even third language to go through the arduous process of weeks and weeks of studying tapes or attending language classes. The product is called “Nano-Second Language” or NSL, and they are expected to sell out within weeks.

NEWS: Useful Human Implants ACTUALLY EXIST!

The makers of the NSL brain implant first developed the product under a grant by the United States Department of Defense as a solution to the problem servicemen and women were having when being shipped overseas to the Middle East. “No one spoke Arabic which led to some serious misunderstandings between our military and that of the country our servicemen were stationed in,” says Dr. Lewis Lipps, chief engineer on the NSL project. “The NSL Arabic version will immediately resolve that issue and allow certain soldiers to communicate in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, even Libya with little to no problem,” said Lipps.

Asked how the nano-chip brain implant works, Lipps explained, “The NSL Arabic version, for instance, has a complete Arabic alphabet and dictionary with over 20,000 common words which are electronically translatable from English literally within nanoseconds. In a simple outpatient procedure, the NSL chip is implanted into the corpus callosum portion of the left side, or the language center, of the brain and activated.”

Dr. Lipps then showed illustrations of the procedure which is done through arthroscopic surgery. “As soon as a soldier thinks out the phrase he wants to say,” he continued, “he pushes a button that is also implanted discretely underneath the skin on the soldier’s upper left side of the head.” Dr. Lipps explained that when the soldier goes to speak, it appears he is tapping his head as if he is thinking of what to say, and voila, his words come out of his mouth in the language he has implanted. In this case, Arabic.

Initial test results indicate a 97.6% success rate on the battlefield and the nano-chip is already being used by many servicemen and women today. Now that the product has been tested and proven to be efficient in Arabic, a Mandarin Chinese model is being tested on businessmen from various industries who find it necessary to communicate in Chinese with their business counterparts in China. The NSL Chinese version should be available to the business world within two to three months.


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Author: P. Beckert

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20 thoughts on “Nano-Chip Brain Implant Allows Users to Instantly Speak Foreign Language

  1. This site is now a spoof, but the thug-network using the brainchip technology to undermine civilization to rise their “fiery phoenix” has been around for thousands of years. William Cooper in this “Mystery Babylon” radio series identifies the world-wide-cults origins and behaviour fairly well, so study it… Cooper was assassinated shortly after 9/11 and replaced by the infowars/jones crew whose purpose was to sway the constitutionalist away from awareness of the brainchip or gang-stalking gestapo of brainchipped TI who have been turned into mind-controlled pee-on to do the thugs dirty-work. All the pee-ons have to do is to choose your own path and stop being tricked into believing the thugs have any power within a spiritual reality. And of course the medical mafia thugs who install the brainchips into people are tricked, too. Daniel Estulin created a very good documentary with Magnus Olsson on Russia Today. That honest documentary is about the brainchip attack upon humanity. Dr. Rauni Kilde discovered that brainchips were being used in 1974, which I found surprising. The full-throttle attack had to wait for the close-passing of Mars in 2003, afraid of the Thunderbolt disabling the prison-grid and and wrecking the “Tower-of-Babel” or hivemind again. What a story, hey?

    Within the Thug-network, you will discover a collective hivemind of minions who believe in the creation of a fake-utopia based upon an AI software surveillance system (the eye at the top of the pyramid) that monitors thoughts of the slaves and minions… everyone is thought-monitored so rebellion against the ruling-class will be theoretically impossible. haa! These brainchips are ancient-technology coming from the same era and people as the ancient civilization that created the pyramids… Christopher Dunn explains to the Egyptologists that using hammer and chisel to build Giza is simply fake-history. Why be fake? Because the thug-network doesn’t want you to know about ancient technology and your origins… why? Because they are planning to use hidden ancient technology to enslave others and rule-the-world, (like “Pinky and the Brain”) funny satire? Look around you and all the people that Cooper called “sheeple,” as the symbolic wool is pulled-over.

    How could you be living in such a crazy-world with spiritual retards giving away their will-power to an AIgodlet or AILucifer. How could this world be so nuts? Well, the answer is quoted from Seth: “You create your own reality.” You see the April-Fools joke is on the thug’s heads. Read the wisdom of real spiritual-world you are living-in as you see the house-of-cards of the secret-societies crumble before you. Jane Roberts and Rob have left this probability, but they manifested the greatest inspirational works in our times. And it is available to you to read and understand as the it tells you why your world is the way it is. The thugs who refused to take responsibility for their actions… (murdering and killing others are the thug’s plan now that their fake-phoenix is rising)… they assassinated JFK and within a couple weeks Seth broke through creating a psychological-bridge of real knowledge for the sad, sad thugs to learn that they failed because “the ends never, ever justify the means,” but they were too pathetic to figure this out. The fake-utopia or great works will never be great when deception and murder and thuggery is used to manifest it. In other-words you monsters have failed yourselves already, but you are too self-righteous to realize your greedy blunder. But this is good news for you thugs, because this main-probability is where mankind moves towards spiritual success. Where the monsters bring in their phoenix to enslaving humanity… that is where Nature destroys that version of humanity as unworthy-for-Earth’s-grace. I understand that this does not make sense to thugs… this is why Seth gave you some good books to read while you destroy yourselves… if you can live with yourselves without suiciding your selves away. You came to this reality to learn, start learning, thugs… Soon the shadows that you hide in will be filled with a real light, not your microwave fake-light for your pathetic, mind-control desires.

  2. Looks like this satire site changed the photo since my last visit, but text looks the same.
    I recently found Jeff Rense had an accident/hit job in 2015. Shows all the signs of a zombie-brainchip attempted murder by the handlers hiding away at central command. Rense was driving normal, brainchip instantly took his consciousness away, then gave consciousness back for an instant while flying through the air. Then, he was awoken by the chip just before an emergency brain surgury. The “voice of god” attack ensued where the handler “hetero-dyned” (See Dr. Rob Duncan) some speech out of his mouth. It could have been any language but… in english it said not to do the opperation. Likely, central command at the other end of the cell-tower control-grid wanted him to die from the hemorage instead. (Considerate monsters, those handlers are.) (see Jeff Rense accident on

    Another “voice of god” attack was on July29th 2008 when Vincent Li was turned into a robot zombie for the purpose to murder Tim McLean and likely bring in luggage inspection and body searches onto the ground mass transport. I gather that Li was unconscious while central command used his robotic body (binary biological was exposed by Deborah Travares with the NASA document in 2013… in an interview she said wireless brainchips were used back in the 1980s, which doesn’t surprise me much)

    You see, cell phones were made popular to finance the prison-cell-grid… haa, haa for the brainchip anhialation of humanity into brainchip zombies…
    And you thought they were for cellular phones… what does “cellular” mean anyway,, haaa!

    But don’t worry, you are a spiritual being made physical, not the other way around. You are supposed to figure this out, so get working at it! Read some Seth by Jane Roberts

  3. All you really need is one of those worm thingy’s from the book or movie Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy that you stick in your ear and it translates every language in the known universe for you. It works for me!

  4. You may also be interested to know my research reveals the first American interrogated by brainchip was claimed by JOHN GREGORY LAMBROS in 1994.

    Solaris BlueRaven claimed to be electronically assaulted in her mind starting 2004 (She doesn’t seem to know that her enemy (The Mystery School Cult [exposed by William Cooper]) took interest in her claimed psychic abilities and wanted to explore her mind with their interface. I tried to tell her she was actually brainchipped for her to experience instant mind-feedback and reverb mind-jigging. Synthetic telepathy are speaking her thought to herself, this is called anti-psychic Russian methodology, but is used more as occult torture for her, it is meant to make one illogical in decision-making.)

    Magnus Olsson was covertly implanted (scanned by Icaact) in 2005 and myself in brainchipped in 2007 and Bio-robotic-chipped in 2008 for resisting the first chip so much.

    This article’s translator chip does not really need a button, I think the button is phony to trick the user into imagining control over the chip where there is none, but there is no switch nor firewall.

  5. I would only use them if I knew they couldn't invade my privacy or be used to track me etc..

    But I love this idea, learning a language sucks especially when you don't have a talent for it.

  6. that would be great if it is true
    would you be able to have more that one foreingn Language and would you be able to to write and read ?
    where can someone participate



  7. My native language is Farsi (persian). I live in the U.S. How can I have and use an English Nano-chip? Please let me know because I have big problem about English language.

    1. Watch more American movies..seriously that’s how my fiance learned english..and now she uses the word fuck all the

  8. Sign me up for this improvement today. Although, it might be nice if the DOD added some additional combat knowledge to the chip that would better enable military personnel to break things and kill the enemy. Just do not add Wifi to it as a precaution again Beijing and Washington DC.


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