Lyrics for Song Parodies: Where Can You Find ‘Em?

There are a lot of funny song parodies on video websites like Youtube.

Some of the best parody singers include Bart Baker, Weird Al Yankovic, Klemen Slakonja and Rocky Mountain Mike.

But what about parody lyrics?

Obviously, you are free to submit your parody lyrics here to Glossy News: wallacerunnymede @ (minus the spaces!)

But aside from the various parody lyrics you can find here (among all our other great content!), what else is out there?

There are at least two important sites.

One is What Freaks.

This site is for edgier and more inflammatory parodies. Indeed, at the top left of the site, it says ‘Tasteless content, at its finest. With such timeless classics as Queer Weiner, Fuck under the Mistletoe, I Want Teenage Girls for Christmas and Tony Fucked the Country, your thirst for toilet humour is likely to be quenched for a good long while.

However, once you’ve sobered up, you can always try the more mainstream site, amirite? Am I Right.

Recent innovative concepts include Kim Jong Un and Kim Kardashian, “NRA—“The Hounds of Violence”” and The Future of Reality TV.

So now you can have a laugh at both sites! Although, that said, some of the parodies are not really meant for laughing at; like the NRA one I just linked to, a very poignant piece.

As always, your humour and satire is always welcome here at Glossy News; whether song parodies, poem parodies, new satire, or anything else!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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