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Nation’s Evil Clowns Rally Against Murderous Stereotype

ANN ARBOR, MI—In response to recent stirs caused by the “Northampton Clown,” several members of the group Sensible Tricksters Against Bias gathered in the parking lot of an Ann Arbor area Home Depot to promote awareness that not all evil clowns “want to kill [you].”

The group maintained that such a misconception contributed to the general assumption that the “Northampton Clown” had dire intentions. Read the full story


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Don’t assume the Marathon bomber was a white Christian

During periods when we understandably react emotionally to an abominable act of terror like the Boston Marathon bombing, it is important not to make hasty assumptions based upon stereotypes.

It is, for example, easy to assume that the perpetrators might be white Christians because of sensational acts of terrorism like the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre, the 2012 Sikh temple massacre in Wisconsin, the 2012 Aurora movie theater massacre, the 2011 Seal Beach massacre, the 2008 Northern Illinois University shootings, the 1999 Columbine School massacre, and of course the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. However, we must not Read the full story


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FOX News Has a Tough Time Telling the Black Chess Pieces Apart as Well

A big stink arose this past week when Greta van Susteren, intellectual extraordinaire of FOX News (indeed perhaps the only one. How did she get in there?) mistook Shirley Sherrod, the black Georgia State Director Of Rural Development, with California Democrat Maxine Waters. Sherrod recently gave a speech on her coming to understand the plight of white farmers, which was misconstrued to much acclaim by a right wing blogger. Read the full story


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Society Attains The Ideal Black Man — But Still Wants to Lynch Him.

For decades white men have been awaiting the evolution of the Black man. Usually stereotyped (by Whites) into such roles as ‘step-and-fetch-it’, submissive post-civil war Negro, or the violent, drug dealing Super Fly. We’ve been treated to the jive talking ever-hip huckster, the daughter raping threat to the community, the black power fisting Black Panther, or the gang banging, good for nothing ghetto dweller.

For decades there were no other images available to represent Black males in America society until recently. The cultural, hard working, intelligent representatives, who should have been role models, such as the Washington Carvers, the Langston Hughes, and the Frederick Douglases were seen as being freaks or abnormalities. Read the full story


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