Sometimes It is Worth It To Read The Yahoo Comments Section

Sometimes it is worth it to read the comment section on Yahoo articles. This one is about a woman in Florida who was having an affair with her brother and gave birth to a child who was not entirely normal.

roger f 0 sec ago
Damning proof of the Hapsburg theory.

Fargoguy 1 day ago
Gives new meaning to “All In the Family.”

Ben 1 day ago
Looking at her photo, this probably was a family tradition that dates back many generations

david 1 day ago
Straight to the comment section for this one

doug 1 day ago
welcome to the new roman empire

Simon 1 day ago
“He told me I reminded him of ma.”

None 1 day ago
Florida, the gift that keeps on giving.

Dataman 1 day ago
Puts me in mind of that old, old song, “I’m My Own Grandpa..”

GLJM 1 day ago
Why do all the weirdest stories begin: “A Florida…………..”

There’s always a bright side. They do not need to argue about whose family to go to at holidays.

Florida. Giving Alabama a rest.

Denise 1 day ago
Can we elect them to congress?

ferd 1 day ago
Yup, just here for the comments.

HemiRabbitShooter 1 day ago
The girl told him “you make love just like dad”. The brother responded “I know, mom told me”

Bob 1 day ago
Looking at her, it seems her parents were kin as well.

M’Balz Zizari 23 hr ago
Hallmark will make a lot of money on the variety of greeting cards for this family.

Estevan 1 day ago
Anyone else guess this was Florida before even opening the article?

Axixic 1 day ago
A family tree is easy to make. No branches.

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